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BETHLEHEM STEEL : From left  AL Check worked in the foundry 42 years, George Check worked in the blast furnace 40 years, Frank Check, worked in the blast furnace 42 years and  Richie Check, worked as a riger for exactly 43 years 5 months and  15 days. The last 4 left of 9 borthers they pose in front of Blast Funace  E, where their photo along with the other 5 brothers who have since died was taken some 50 years ago. Emil, Frank and Richie. Of the 9 only Bartholomew, George, Frank and Richie are still alive. These nine along with their dad, sister and 2 sons worked a total of 441 years in the bethlehem Plant. Say Richie " I never thought in my wildest dreams this would even happen, refering to the closing, bankruptcy and sale. I always heard they were ranked #2, but they were #1 in my book." ( CHUCK ZOVKO / TMC)